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(UkiyoMinds) Youtube Content Creator

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Type of Job

Full Time

Published Date

6 November 2020 at 22:00:00

About the job

Coming up with video ideas to help promote UkiyoMinds, liaising with members to provide there footage's. Finding new trends and being sure to meet them. Promoting of YouTube channel. Filming bite-sized, audience-appropriate videos at calculated intervals. Editing footage to attain consistent, refined, and brand-appropriate videos. Releasing and promoting your public videos. Informing subscribers of predictable delays in your uploads.


  • Demonstrable experience as a Vlogger, ideally on YouTube.

  • Video Editing Skills.

  • Thoroughly knowledgeable about YouTube algorithms.

  • High-definition, lightweight vlogging camera.

  • Possession of pertinent filmmaking accessories.

  • Excellent verbal communication skills.

  • Top-notch marketing and troubleshooting abilities.

  • Transparent and reflexive approach to advertising.

  • Thoughtful about your viewership.


  • % Shares on the website after a year of service

  • Access To Our Exclusive UkiyoMinds WhatsApp Group!

  • A Dedicated Team ready to support you whenever needed.

  • This unique situation allows you to work from home; which means no dress code. Yay!

  • We promote our blogs weekly via Facebook & Instagram ads which will give you an exclusive way to build your audience and be credited at the same time.

About us

UkiyoMinds is a freely accessible website that is built to create an online community where people from all walks of life can express their opinions and attitudes liberally.



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