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(UkiyoMinds) Youtube Vlogger

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Type of Job

Part Time / Full Time

Published Date

13 November 2020 at 22:00:00

About the job

UkiyoMinda are searching for a relatable YouTuber to generate viewer-friendly, accessible content. The YouTuber should shoot and refine footage, release finalized videos, and facilitate the purchase of channel memberships. You should also communicate foreseeable upload-related delays. To be successful as a YouTuber, you should be able to incorporate transparent product reviews into your videos. Ultimately, a successful YouTuber will remain cognizant of their viewership to retain credibility.


  • Demonstrable experience as a Vlogger, ideally on YouTube.

  • Thoroughly knowledgeable about YouTube algorithms.

  • High-definition, lightweight vlogging camera.

  • Possession of pertinent filmmaking accessories.

  • Excellent verbal communication skills.

  • Top-notch marketing and troubleshooting abilities.

  • Transparent and reflexive approach to advertising.

  • Thoughtful about your viewership.


  •  % Shares on the website after a year of service.

  • Free podcast training with our hosting platform and full support for your podcasts.

  • Access To Our Exclusive UkiyoMinds WhatsApp Group!

  • A Dedicated Team ready to support you whenever needed.

  • This unique situation allows you to work from home; which means no dress code. Yay!

  • We promote our blogs weekly via Facebook & Instagram ads which will give you an exclusive way to build your audience and be credited at the same time.

About us

UkiyoMinds is a freely accessible website that is built to create an online community where people from all walks of life can express their opinions and attitudes liberally.



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