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Part Time

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7 November 2020 at 22:00:00

About the job

Choosing a Topic
One of the most challenging aspects of starting a podcast is determining its content. Aspiring writers are often advised to write about what they know. This adage can also be applied to podcasters: They should talk about subjects for which they have a passion or at least strong interest. Many successful podcasts center on topics that appeal to a wide audience—parenting, relationships, popular culture, or current events. Podcasters can also share their knowledge and love of art, music, film, health, science, or education. Other podcasters build successful podcasts by simply talking about themselves and their daily lives, building audience interest episode by episode.

Setting Up a Podcasting Area
Podcasters must have a recording system to create their podcast. Most computers have a built-in universal serial bus microphone or a jack that is compatible to an external microphone. This should be positioned at a comfortable angle to the individual. If the podcast features more than one speaker, then a second microphone is required, as well as a mixing board. A mixing board, which plugs into the computer, allows multiple microphones, recording instruments and sound effects, and other audio options, which makes for a more interesting podcast. It also offers the capability to emphasize one speaker over another or balancing voices. Some podcasters find headphones to be helpful in monitoring the sound of their voice during the podcasting session.

Podcasters can choose from many recording software programs such as Audacity, iPodcast Producer, or GarageBand. Some computers are equipped with recording software programs. An audio card is also needed to save podcasts as separate files. Many computer operating systems already have built-in audio cards of limited capacity. An additional audio card will be needed to store more or larger podcast files.


You must own your own proper equipment / recording environment:

  • Decent microphone

  • Web cam for videos

  • Computer with stable Internet connection

  • Clean and distraction-free space to record on-air episodes.

  • One (Minium) or Podcast a week.


  • % Shares on the website after a year of service.

  • Access To Our Exclusive UkiyoMinds WhatsApp Group!

  • A Dedicated Team ready to support you whenever needed.

  • This unique situation allows you to work from home; which means no dress code. Yay!

  •  We promote our blogs weekly via Facebook & Instagram ads which will give you an exclusive way to build your audience and be credited at the same time.

About us

UkiyoMinds is a freely accessible website that is built to create an online community where people from all walks of life can express their opinions and attitudes liberally.



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