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UkiyoMinds Podcasts

Hello Everyone,

Grab yourself some snacks and drinks and enjoy it while listening to some of our podcasts done by our amazing members. UkiyoMinds Podcast aims to provide a weekly podcast that discusses a variety of topics that will leave you with something to think about throughout your day as well as your week.

Are you interested in mental health? Listening to fascinating stories or opinions about important topics?

Then you are in the perfect place! Some of our members lead some extremely inspirational podcasts on this site, always talking about something new and interesting. There are so many topics to choose from that it is nearly impossible to not find one that you would like. Furthermore, some of these talented people do podcasts in other languages too, such as Italian, Arabic, Spanish, and many more we are constantly looking for new members to help add more languages to our community.  Therefore it is a great opportunity to learn languages as well!

What's more, if you feel you would like to try it out yourself, you can join our community and create your podcast just the way you've always wanted! People here are very supportive, we give all sorts of feedback to each other so don't be afraid that you might remain unseen. Come and check out our members' podcasts and if you feel like, don't hesitate to start your own! :)

Are you ready to get started? Let's get started!

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Stefan podcasts about Mexican culture, women empowerment and also short stories about her life. She is fluent in Spanish & English she can podcast both in English and Spanish.

UkiyoMinds podcast experience is a free audio podcast for people all around the world to enjoy and share all types of discussions and experiences.

CeeCee is passionate about women empowerment and mental health she talk about issues that are going on in Africa and teaches more about African culture.


Septiani podcasts will be a lifestyle-oriented experience where she will talk about mental health and lifestyle opinions with many more exciting topics along the way.

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