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I believe that I am an aesthete because the definition of the word means that a person has a deep sensitivity to the beauty of art and nature. I love everything about nature, I think that nature is close to perfection even though it has flaws. I am the kind of person who sinks their feet into the sea sand just for the feeling. I feel like I am on a high from watching birds flying. I love sitting in the garden and look for tiny critters in between the grass stems. I enjoy every part of nature, it is beautiful and shouldn't be destroyed.

I like hugging trees, lol. Tree huggers are arty people and that is obviously why I did an arty degree. I am a graphic designer, which is a very open term can be about anything designy. So I gotta be more specific. Well, I can draw and illustrate pictures, code websites, make logos and brand identities and make those posts that you see on Instagram and Facebook and yes I make those annoying Youtube ads that you just can't seem to skip. I enjoy writing because for me it brings a smile to my face knowing that I have been able to make someones day with my writing. The way I speak is the way I write, I am super enthusiastic with my wording and I try to educate my readers without boring them to death. Interesting about me, I referred to as being my friends and families yellow. Which means that I am their reason to smile, I make people feel good and I’m someone that they can’t live without.

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