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I am Diana, 24, I am studying law and international relations. I have 3 goals in this life:

- To be a judge and help innocent people, always do justice!
- Being an ambassador of Mexico in another country, I would like to be an ambassador in Europe or Asia, I would love to help Mexicans who are currently abroad.
- And the most important: is to be happy, this is my first goal, and we should all strive to be happy and love ourselves, before anything else.

I love to read, I enjoy reading about the law of attraction, the kybalion, spiritual things, self-improvement, meditation, nutrition, happiness. I love to draw, it makes me feel relaxed. I love music it raises my spirits, it makes me want to dance all the time, although I don't know how to dance, maybe one day I will learn, I love Latin music. I love writing, I have written two books: one about a boy with a double personality and another about a homosexual boy and how he deals with this day by day with hirself.

I love to meditate and run in the mornings, at that moment I thank the universe for everything it gives me, for how happy I am to be in this world. I am vegan, I love animals too much. I love meeting people from all over the world, it is so interesting to know about different cultures, different foods, languages and music. My unique goal is to have friends of each nation. I love Hungary, I am currently learning Hungarian and French.

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