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Hello to the one who reads this,
I was born in 1998 (Chile), I am currently studying Hotel Management. I don't have much to say about me, but most fundamentally I think it would be that I have always been a person who has no dreams or goals to fulfil, I am too realistic to dream so high with things I know that I will not achieve, maybe I get taken like a mediocre person but it is. I am more of the kind of person who has enough small things, as well as admiring the sunrise when leaving home in the morning and returning to meet the sunset, I think that's the prizes of starting and finishing a long day.
I started writing especially to let off steam, to the mese I realized that I was very helpful in overcoming for myself the resentment I felt at various times in my life, I think I feel much better now.
Some things about me: I enjoy all kinds of music, it could be even the oldest or in any language. I'm a big fan of Asian old movies, that also includes dramas. I also really enjoy reading even though I don't do it so often for time anymore, so when I feel like I'm thinking too much about something that bothers me, I take any book and read some random pages. That's all. bye!

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