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I’m Michelle Almeida, a journalism student at the University of Sheffield. My career goal is to pursue a career in magazine or broadcast journalism while dabbling in some social media work as well! I have been blogging for quite some time on contemporary topics over lifestyle, beauty, university life, and mental health while trying my hand out in poetry. I have been privileged to have been allowed to contribute towards UkiyoMinds. It’s given me the platform to share my opinions on these topics to an audience who can relate and enjoy the content I publish. I am a hardcore addict for aesthetics and bubble tea and chai (traditional Indian tea) with a masochistic tolerance for high levels of spicy food (that’s the tiny bit of Indian in me speaking). I’m always found with a bag full of stuff anyone could need at any point in time, and Post-It notes, planners are things I just can’t survive without. I’m a socially awkward extrovert who loves to talk. I love being a part of the creative field as this gives me a chance to express my thoughts, raise the voices that need to be heard, and experiment with a wide variety of things that I get to share with viewers. The best part is the people I get to meet when researching and conducting interviews. People have brilliant stories to share, and I hope someday I get to meet some of you and share your story!
I do hope you all love the work I put out and are eager for more!!

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